PlayStyle: Vertical Stripes

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It is definitely getting warmer which means it’s just a matter of time until we start trading our winter coats into that Spring Style trend. Lately, we’ve been hearing about the stripe trend of either mixing two stripe patterns together or even just adding the pattern to your outfit. Stripes have been on our closets for a long time and it is time for it to take the spotlight again.

One way of wearing the stripe trend is through a variation of the thick and thin pattern. As shown above, you can either have one huge stripe in the middle of your clothing and have smaller stripes to accentuate it.

If that does not excite your stylebuds, then maybe the regular stripe looks will. This time ditch the pinstripes and wear something a little bit more wider.

Of course when it comes to the bottoms, the rule goes the same. Ditch the pinstripes and go for bolder stripes that will perfectly complement your shirt. Also, we only do vertical as it has one of the best tricks of making us look a little more slimmer and longer. Happy Shopping!!!!!

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