Food on a Budget: NYC

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Food is one of the things we enjoy when travelling. When going to a new place or visiting a city you’ve been too you would definitely want to enjoy good food. But most travellers have a budget that is not too big, that’s because of the exchange rates and other factors that limits your spending. I was just recently in NYC last week, I was there with my brother and to travel alone is a different thing. But to travel there with someone is a little more expensive. My brother is only 14 years old, but he himself knows the dangers of eating fast food all the time. As a result, he actually encouraged me to find places that are cheap but also good food. Now, I’m sure you want to see the list, so keep reading below.

1.) Gennaro Restaurant– This Italian restaurant is located in the Upper West Side, at the intersection of Amsterdam and 93rd st. It definitely has a fine dining ambience and definitely good food. The price is mid-range from $ 10 to $36 USD. If I were to recommend food to order here it would be Tortelloni DI Ricotta Spinaci which is a tortellini filled with Spinach with ricotta cheese.

2.) Tasty Cafe– is it a restaurant or is it a cafe? The Well, Tasty Cafe is a Counter-serve cafe with a create-your-own salad & pasta bar, plus light sandwiches & soups. This Cafe has the best for the health addicts and the ones who wants to feel healthy without giving up taste. From 4 dollar sandwiches to 12 dollar Salmon Salads, you are definitely going to want to give everything a taste. If you happen to stumble upon this place, do try to order the make your own pasta which is $10 or the Make your own Salad which is about the same price.

3.)   Texas Rotisserie and Grill – Are you into Rotisseries? DO you like Chicken? Well then lucky for you NYC has Texas Rotisserie and Grill. This restaurant serves good food from burgers to Lamb Shanks that falls off the bone. Medium priced and you are definitely going to have enough for what your paying for. Very tasty as well.

4.) Baby Brasa – Okay, yes, yes we all know about this new Restaurant hunk model Franco Noriega started and cooks for. On the other hand, does it really stand up with the hype? Well, my brother and I are serious chicken lovers and we decided to try their chicken. (BTW, you can get a half chicken for only $13USD) Their sweet potato fries too does not disappoint and definitely you need to try the Chicken Montadito which is a Peruvian appetizer that will definitely make your mouth water.

5.) Jacks Wife Freda – Healthy or just want to try to eat Healthy? Well, Jacks wife Freda has two places in NYC one is at Carmine St and the other one is at Lafayette. We just happen to have chosen to go to the Lafayette one which offers American-Medeteranean cooking. This one maybe a little hard to get a seat as they don’t take reservations. They do have a first come first serve policy and the line-up can be long. However, do not be discouraged by that because it will be worth the wait.

6.) Gelso and Grand – Well, since we are at Lafayette anyway, why not go to a place that has been over the internet for their massive Cannoli. Situated in the corner of Mulberry and Grand, this Italian restaurant has the perfect marriage of modern and classic. But other than their Cannoli do try their lovely Spaghetti Carbonara and you are assured to be satisfied.

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