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Adam Gallagher has been in the blogging game for quite a while, he is considered one of the OG who paved the way for menswear bloggers to rise. His style and lifestyle posts are hugely followed from Instagram ( 1.9 Million) and on his blog. He has managed to keep a humble head and still enjoys the job he has come to be known for. I have always wanted to interview Adam and I’m so happy and pleased that he have granted this opportunity.


Jhake: You are one of the most influential menswear/Lifestyle blogger how did you started?

Adam:Thank you! It all started as a hobby when I was 17, about 7 years ago since I was graduating high school and needed something to do during summer! little did I know it would become my full time job 3 years later working in the fashion industry. 


Jhake: How different is your life from before to now? Do you like the change?

Adam: I’m extremely happy and very grateful. I went from freelancing in New York applying for jobs at Apple to having a one bedroom in downtown Manhattan and a 7 person office/team so things are going well. 


Jhake:You are an impeccable dresser (based on what we see on line). what’s your thought process when getting dressed or picking out an outfit?

Adam: When you live in NYC it really depends on the weather! we have 4 true seasons and my wardrobe is determined by that. 


Jhake: On a regular day, what type of dresser are you? Casual, moody or dressy as always?

Adam: I always switch it up, I hate to be boring or bored. I love neutrals and clean silhouettes inspired by the past. 

Jhake: Fashion week have started and we noticed and also you’ve said it on a post that you don’t attend fashion weeks, why is that?

Adam: I participated in around 10 seasons of fashion week and then I just got burnt out. I’m not a blogger that reports the runway too often so my attendance seemed unnecessary. I’m not saying I’ll never go again, I just want to get excited about it again.   


Jhake: How do you choose what partnerships to take when it comes to your brand? And have you ever turned down a major brand?

Adam: Of course. I believe that you shouldn’t sell out if you want to keep an organic audience. We’ve fortunately got to a point where we have enough people knocking at our door that is on-brand and keeps us busy. 


Jhake: Travelling has been and is part of your life, which countries that you’ve visited are your personal favourite?

Adam: Some of my favorite places I’ve visited include the UK, Greece, Japan & Indonesia. 


Jhake: Is there a brand that you’d still love to partner with?

Adam: My favorite brand and “umbrella” is Ralph Lauren. They own RRL, Club Monaco & Denim & Supply etc. even though I do already work with them from time to time I wish I was their year around guy! fingers crossed 🙂   


Jhake: If you were to explain blogging to a designer of the past (Coco Channel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior etc) how would you make them understand it?

Adam: this is a great question I’ve never received. Blogging as a whole is quite simple, it’s relatable press in a digital form. 


Jhake: You are already known what more does Adam want to achieve in the future?

Adam: I’m working on some very excited projects in new fields such as acting and music so hopefully those will come to fruition soon enough.

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