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adidas Running  revealed the new adidas PureBOOST shoe. Inspired and created for runners who treat every run as a chance to explore, PureBOOST features a versatile, agile and adaptive design to enable runners to endure anything the city environment has to offer. The new adidas PureBOOST retails for $200 and is available for purchase starting January 25th, 2017 on the USD or February 1st, 2017 on


PureBOOST features an 8mm heel lift and progressive sculpting of the BOOST midsole, with a wider forefront for optimum support when navigating turns – perfect for running around sharp city corners. The outsole has also been built for the specific requirements of street running, with the rubber extended on the medial side for additional support and to protect against the elements of the city. The stretch web design provides superior grip, while allowing the foot to work in harmony with the BOOST midsole.

Meanwhile a new knit upper incorporates a highly adaptive upper that moves with the runner’s gait. A new double wrap tongue construction provides support but also allows the foot to move in harmony with the upper.

All running products utilize the adidas’ sport science team and the ARAMIS product testing system, a motion tracking technology that enables a detailed analysis into the movement of the body. This research has influenced the design for PureBOOST – a shoe that has been created for running on city streets and demonstrates how adaptive elements can be built in, to tackle these challenges.

“Runners all over the world are making cities their playground and use their runs as the ultimate way to explore,” said Stephan Schneider, PureBOOST product manager at adidas. “With PureBOOST we wanted to give these runners the ultimate tool to push their own boundaries, and take on the city head first.”

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