Travel T.O: Barber & Co Ossington

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Travelling can be a little tough on a gentleman who enjoys a good cut from time to time, or, you might just be around the corner from one but never really knew about a good place to have that perfect haircut. Well, look no further we found a hot place in Toronto, that will give you that old school barber style with the modern perfect cuts.
Barber & Co is built on a culture of traditional barbering, from chairs that are turned away from mirrors to encourage social interaction to the longstanding ritual of a cut, trim or shave. The Toronto outpost offers men an authentic experience from generations past combined with the modernity of today.  
The shop itself has incredible history to it – built in the 1890s and was home to several artists over time. The original paint-splattered walls are juxtaposed with sleek modern finishes; an amalgamation of old school curb appeal with a raw, modern edge, Barber & Co. is the personification of the Ossington strips’ culture.
There’s also a very cool addition in the back of the shop that adds another level to the traditional social club experience. Gift Shop – is a dual-purpose spot in the back of the shop: a gift shop, with iconic collectibles and memorabilia spanning from Rolex watches to vintage comic books and a full-service bar complete with a creative menu of molecular cocktails.

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