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Dick pics, they’re the ones everyone tend to get (when I say everyone, it is everyone… Gay, straight, girl, boy) unsolicitedly. They tend to be frowned upon or just plain deleted, however, there’s one guy who is stirring up the dick pic game by giving life to his buddy down there. The blog “Things My Dick Does” has been featured ob Buzzfeed and Huffington Post due to its weird but definitely game changing content. The blogs author is quite anonymous, but the star is a part of his body who is quickly rising to fame. The fact that someone came up with the idea to turn something frowned upon and basically make it okay to see it as a little bit more tasteful (hahaha) is genius.


When did you start the blog? And what inspired you to start it?

TMDD: I started thingsmydickdoes August 2015. Around the time of my actual birthday, so its kind of nice celebrating a blogiversary to celebrate as well. I was dating a pretty vanilla girl back then. Who didn’t appreciate the hilarity of the sexts I was sending her. So I decided to put them online and let people who wanted to see a dick with a face and arms see it if they wanted.

How do you come up with the content? The “story” posts

TMDD: Most posts are after thoughts. I go through my camera roll full of dick pics and see which ones feel like they are telling a story. Whenever there is a theme though, I tend to plan things out. Haven’t quite reached the stage where I need to storyboard things, but I feel thats right around the corner.


How do you feel about this new found fame?

TMDD: Its exciting, but still doesnt feel like “fame” I mean, I can’t tell people I’m actually doing it! Really…its not me thats famous. Its a made up dick character that is.

What does your partners/gf feel about it?

TMDD: I actually met my girlfriend through the blog! So she loves it!

What goes in your head when making a blog post?

TMDD: Which one? 😀
Kidding. A lot goes through my head while shooting the photos. I have to try to maintain an erection / semi erection and pose my penis while trying to imagine what his expression is going to be. Its quite the task. While editing, I’m trying to create a life out of this guy. Not just give him a face and arms, but also give him a personality that people can see and read. I find myself making faces into a mirror to try and mimic what I want him to be expressing.

You’ve been featured on Buzzfeed and Huffington Post, Has your life changed since then?

TMDD: I’d say life is pretty much the same. Although I’ve made friends with some pretty awesome people over the internets that I most likely never would have otherwise. So thats prettty awesome. A main difference in my life is that I now walk around and look at something and think, “My dick would look hilarious in/on that”

We’ve noticed that you have some projects you’ve been busy with, how did you feel when you were approached?

TMDD: It’s always fun to be approached with projects that incorporate what you love doing. Yes I do love playing with my penis… but I also love the creative process of storytelling and the technical aspect of editing.

Where do you see your blog going forward?

TMDD: I really want to turn this thing into a book. That’s my goal for the near future. I currently have someone trying to help me out with this so we shall see. Someone out there is willing to to publish a few tasteful dick pics. We just have to find out who they are.

Click here for more pics.

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