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To follow up on our list of Top menswear Bloggers to learn from, we here at Playhaus would want to continue to feature more bloggers we think is killing the game right now. Today, we are featuring a young man who’s rise is going higher and higher by the minute. He looks at blogging not just as part-time or a hobby but as an actual business, and yes he has managed to go against the grain of bloggers being almost model like. The first time I met Syed Sohail of The Prep Guy was during World MasterCard Fashion Week (Toronto Fashion Week). He was a very positive, jolly energy in the crowd that is known to be stuck up or have their own cliques. Over the past couple years that he has been blogging, he has slowly but surely rose up to the Top. I am lucky to have him as a friend and is proud of his accomplishments. We’ve caught up together to chat about the inception of The Prep Guy to brushing off haters, continue below:

Jhake: Tell me how you started blogging and why did you call your blog The Prep Guy? 

Syed: I started my blog a couple of years ago, when I first realized my love for fashion and menswear. I created it as a private journal to really just journalize what I loved while online shopping and looking through menswear publications and blogs. After showing it a couple of friends, they thought it would be a great idea if I were to publish it, and the rest is history. I originally thought of the name “The Preppy Guy,” and I was asked to change it by a gentleman who had trademarked the name. But I really did like the name, so I knocked a few letters out.

Jhake: For the past years you’ve amassed a massive following and become one of Canada’s top menswear bloggers. How does that make you feel? And how do you stay grounded? 

Syed: It’s truly a humbling and gratifying thing to know that I have received recognition for my hard work. However, I stay grounded by always committing to make the blog better. I continue to set goals to achieve, so I always feel like there’s always room for improvement and opportunities that I am yet to attain. Also, a lot of bloggers like to sell a fantasy lifestyle, and that’s there prerogative. But I’m a realist. No matter how expensive what you’re wearing is, if you’re stuck up and arrogant, you’re going to look bad.

Jhake: Describe your style, and has your style evolved from the time you started The Prep Guy? 

Syed: I like to describe my style as prep with a twist. My style has definitely evolved as time has gone by. I have been able to learn so much about my personal style, and of course I was simply a 2nd year university student when I first started – so my resources were also limited. Now I am able to experiment and I am privy to the newest trends, but I still have a general aesthetic.

Jhake: You have always been positive about your figure and your body. You’ve always spoken of Body positivity, as someone who work and has a consistent online presence how do you manage to brush off some of the hate that you get?

Syed: I have to be honest, in high school, I wasn’t the most confident person out there. I experienced a lot of name calling and bullying, and as a result, I lost a significant amount of weight with unhealthy practices. However, the experience made myself stronger and I learned to embrace my shape and size. I also knew that with the audience that I built, I wanted my followers to know that they too had the possibility to embrace who they were and be proud of the skin that they’re in. Now, I own my shape and love it. As per the individuals who write and say negative things about my figure. They often have self esteem issues or just are negative people who have nothing better to do in their time than hate.

Jhake: What impact did you get when you started brushing off the hate and just be you? 

Syed: I used to respond to haters, especially when I was brand new. I’ve been called every name in the book when it comes to body shaming. However, now I just hit the block button. What I’ve started noticing is that ever since I’ve started brushing it off is that it happens less often.

Jhake: What is your go to style? Are you as preppy when you’re not in front of the Camera? 

Syed: My go to style is definitely how I am feeling that day. I am always a bit preppy on and off the camera, but since I’ve grown, I am more open to experimenting and trying out new looks. I am definitely a shoe-addict, but as of recent, I’ve grown a fondness for sneakers.

Jhake: What fashion trend are you hoping to comeback and you’re hoping to be gone forever? 

Syed: I am super excited for the return of paisley! I recently saw a paisley print jacket at Canada Goose’ SS17 preview from their collaboration with Opening Ceremony and it made me so happy! I am over the horrible ripped clothing trend, besides ripped jeans. But the ripped t-shirt/sweater look is no Bueno.

Jhake: If you were to dress one celebrity, politician or anyone living or dead who would it be? 

Syed: Steven McQueen is definitely the one celebrity that I wish I could dress! He was the ultimate king of cool.

Jhake: Who is your style Icon? 

Syed: I am a HUGE fan of Nick Wooster’s style. He can make anything look cool and to me, he’s the OG of street style.

Jhake: And if you can give one style tip what would it be? 

Syed: My number one style tip is confidence. When you’re confident in what you’re wearing and how you look, you will exude that to whoever’s watching.


You could check Syed’s blog here: Theprepguy

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