Menswear Bloggers to Learn From

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Ohhh Myyy GAWWD, that’s the first thing that honestly came out my mouth after reading the article that somewhat bashed the blogging industry. However, we here at Playhaus will not dwell with the brewing feud between magazines and bloggers (if ever there is). We believe that we all are in the industry to help everyone with their conundrum of getting dressed in the morning. So as a response here are some menswear bloggers we all can learn some styling tips ones in a while.

1.) Adam Gallagher of IAMGALLA


Possibly the most influential menswear blogger on this list, Adam has the perfect boy next door looks to the dapper suit wearing type of man. Aside from the actual good looks he has perfectly mastered the art of wearing relatable items that his reader can incorporate to their own style.

2.) Marcel Floruss of Onedapperstreet


Marcel Floruss is known for combining street style and dapper chic all together. Match a suit and sneakers combination is well seen on his blog. At the same time he has some true to street style outfits you can take inspiration from.

3.) Justin Livingston of Scoutsixteen


Scout Sixteen is more of a combination of fashion and lifestyle but definitely can help influence you when deciding what to wear or what to do. Justin Livingston is more towards the casual street style with a little bit more of a polished feeling.

4.) Brian Sacawa of hespokestyle


Mad Men? no, that’s the feeling of Brian Sacawa’s blog. The blog offers great visual and styling tip in addition to helping you pick out what will be the best options for events you might want to go to.

5.) Matthew Zorpas of TheGentlemanBlogger


Very British in approach and yet very much helpful for men who needs to up their game and actually look the part. Matthew makes David Beckham a good run for his money. (Maybe not, but you know what we mean)

6.) Moti Ankari of MetroMan


The name of the blog definitely spills the beans as Moti explores fashion the metrosexual way. (don’t know what metrosexual mean? click here.) Moti brings casual to the next level that even a simple t-shit and jeans will be accepted as a perfect outfit for a fancy date.

7.) Talun Zeitoun of TalunZeitoun


Talun runs a fashion a lifestyle blog that captivate the edgy ones. His style is definitely casual with a little edge. Reading his blog will let you rethink how to wear that leather jacket you just purchased.

8.) Alexander Liang of AlexanderLiang

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Alexander is one to also bring you some street style edge. His blog will give you ideas to how or what to wear in any different season specially when you’re not into suits. He has you covered in the street style game.

9.) Daniel Ocean of MrDanielOcean

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Daniel Ocean will bring you simple street style lovers into a more elevated look.Wearing the right fit of jeans makes a huge difference and adding the right accessories makes you a walking model. Definitely, a blog to look out for specially if you’re an active person.

10.) Isaac Hindin-Miller of IsaacLikes

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A blogger mostly known for advice but has successfully garnered attention through his unmistakeable simple but dapper outfits. New York meet Sydney kind of style is seen on his blog. Casual but also serious!

What do you think of our list? do you agree or not?




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