Toronto Men’s Fashion Week S/S17 Day 3

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A collection more based on Athleisure ( Athleisure refers to casual clothing — like yoga pants, sweat pants, and hoodies — that are designed to be worn both for exercising and for doing (almost) everything else.) opened Day 3 of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. Very much in trend with the movement of trying to keep fashion and workout close together. from hoodies, to shorts, to compression pants they got you covered. This collection definitely has comfort and proper fit in mind.


O’Kana followed wearable with a little playful collection. With capes that looked something out of Game of Thrones, Kimono-esque coats, and tapered suits with extended blazers. The colour palette is quite neutral as it boast white, black, and brown with some hints of metallic blue.


50 of Canada’s top menswear brand all came together to give a curated Beatles inspired fashion show. The looks are very much reminiscent of the famous band but some are more towards what the Beatles would hopefully wear if they are still active right now. The Runway show paid homage to the 5oth anniversary of the Beatles last show at the Mattamy Athletic Centre.


After the Beatles inspired runway show it was time for a John Lennon exclusive collection. The collection look reminiscent of what John Lennon is known for wearing and possibly would still be wearing. Leather jackets, suede jackets, and ankle length jeans were seen. Also, don’t forget some floral action, prints, and lots of colours… giving a little of that hippy vibe.


Kollar closes the day 3 with a very cool collection, with neutral colours that just perfectly blends in with your existing wardrobe. Extended t-shirts were very dominant, and the faux layer of shirts was executed properly. (It just looked like they were two pieces) Ripped jeans and shorts too are not to be ignored that they bring a lot of interest in a simple outfit. Some Camouflage made some appearance and that green bomber jacket was just on trend. A totally cool collection!!!


Photo/s By: Che Rosales.

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