Toronto Men’s Fashion Week S/S17 Day 2

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Whitney Linen opened day 2 of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week with a very pool inspired collection. Blue and white was the main colour palette and as what the brands name suggests Linen was the main fabric used. Very much of an airy and breezy collection with day to night pieces that will certainly keep you office appropriate to night life ready. Also, the collection reminds you a bit of Mykonos or Santorini. One thing that this collection will do well is that it will blend in perfectly with your existing wardrobe and use it in any way you want throughout the year.


Shelli Oh, followed with a more dapper look. Transitional pieces are dominantly seen with bomber jackets and coats that are perfect for Spring. Colour is definitely not something to shy away as the collection boasts purple and blue alongside grey and white. There’s a bit more of a nautical feeling with the collection in a black and white fashion. Also, skinny jeans is a must for this one.


Talk about Arabian nights and Arabian days, Zane Barlas brought a collection that certainly will make a man look elegant, Sexy, and Sophisticated. More of a custom made suit brand that are definitely transitional and appropriate from both office and night time gigs. The collection exudes confidence as it does give that perfect metrosexual man vibe. Colour is very much a part of it with blue very much standing out. The classic suits are just perfectly tapered to the body but not constraining too much. This is a collection every gentleman should have in their closet.


Caffery Van Horne knew how to light up the runway with some cool sexy swimwear. However, the collection did not just focus on swimwear but also focused on what to wear when you’re planning wear swimwear. (that was a failed funny joke) Shorts were just in the middle of being too short and too long, which means it was just the perfect length. Patterns and prints are definitely seen and neon colours are back. Very much a mix and match collection, something that can stay in your closet for a long time and you’re assure to end up wearing it. The swimwear definitely are the the spotlight of the show with prints, neon colours, some even had polka dots. Just a nod that long board shorts are just for walking around and no longer for swimming.


The Canadian Swimwear brand brought a sizzling hot runway presentation. With good fitting swimming trunks, funky colours, prints and denim cut offs were prominent. Pretty much a collection that definitely exudes sexy, confidence and Summer.


Photo/s By: Che Rosales


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