Toronto Mens Fashion Week S/S17 Day 1

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Diodati opened Toronto Men’s Fashion Week with a casual collection sticking to white and black as the main colour palette for their Spring/Summer 20 17 collection. Quite athletic with body hugging shirts paired with joggers, which remains true with the athleisure trend we’ve all been enjoying.


Xian followed up with another black and white collection that also follows the casual trend. Very wearable and transitional at the same time a very versatile collections that will go well with everyones existing wardrobe. The collection also has that cool kid vibe!


Candace Daniela brought out a good show with white, blue and floral prints. The collection stood out more for the use of neoprene, which normally would make someone look bigger than they are. However, the neoprene shirt and jackets look slimmer and more tapered to the body. Very simple but wearable, and transitional, also can be very versatile as most of the pieces from the collection can  also be layered one way or another. Also, who wants that transparent raincoat?



The French-Canadian menswear brand has been rocketing through the stardom of the Canadian Fashion Scene. This season, thought us exactly how to dress properly during those hot summer days. Sticking to their aesthetics of french gentlemen style you are no doubt to be the centre of attraction anywhere you go to. The collection features body fit shirts that perfectly outlines the body, colourful summer suits (the brand has always been known to use colour on their collection) and those beautifully made shorts.


Hendrixroe closed day 1 of Toronto Mens fashion week with a colourful collection. A collection that involved colour, coats, fringe, and the classics. The collection was sexy in a gentleman way (although the runway might disagree with that, models) perfect for transitioning from the cold winter to breezy spring and the humid summer. Short are never to be forgotten and definitely a cool vibe.

Photo/s By: Shayne Gray

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