The John Lennon Signature Collection Launches At Toronto Men’s Fashion Spring/Summer 2017

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Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM*), in partnership with Caulfeild Apparel Group, is excited to announce the John Lennon Signature Collection to be premiered on the TOM* runway this S/S 17 season. The fashion show will take place on Saturday, August 20 at 7pm at the Mattamy Athletic Centre, 50 Carlton St, Toronto.      

John Lennon was a music legend, cultural icon, world peace advocate, artist, poet and rebel style hero.  Inspired by Lennon’s art, music and personal style, Caulfeild Apparel Group has created the John Lennon Signature Collection. The integrity of the John Lennon brand is held by Yoko Ono’s participation.

“Imagine John Lennon walking the streets of London, what would you see? Imagine in his prime what John Lennon would wear today?  That is where the design comes from,” says Kelly Pettit, Designer and Divisional Vice President at Caulfeild Apparel Group. “This iconic figure and his legendary music, art and personal style remain at the forefront of the collection. I wanted the collection to be eclectic and vibrant with a modern feel. The Signature Collection is pieces inspired by the lifestyle and persona of John Lennon. A collection of wovens, trousers, leathers and graphic tees that will resonate with people that want the world to be as one.”
“I am very impressed with how our team at Caulfeild has fused together John Lennon’s art, music, and emotion into a modern collection of clothing for today’s fashionable man says Michael Purkis, President of Caulfeild Apparel Group.  “Rock and Roll and fashion will always be intertwined, and the John Lennon Signature Collection is the perfect fusion – just like the perfect song combines lyrics and music – this collection fuses fashion and Lennon!”
The Signature Collection utilizes the best fabrics in Europe, some from London’s famed ‘Liberty’ to recreate garments that John wore then, and would wear today.  The styling is reminiscent of the sixties, but adapted to today’s modern silhouette.  The neck yoke features a multi-coloured, embroidered, John Lennon self-portrait, and in many of the prints Lennon’s actual lyrics are used in the intricate design. The clothes within this collection will resonate with people that want the world to be as one, and that want to give peace a chance.

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