What To Do During Fashion Week

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It is that time of the season again where we are going to be seeing Bloggers, Photographers and Models to be more active on their social media platforms. It is also that time where magazines start to talk about what’s up and coming. What am I talking about? well it’s another fashion week season. This weekend is going to be London Collections: Men where the eyes of the fashion world will turn to see what the Brits will be showing. Now, during this types of events there are things that you should follow and that is the etiquette of attending such events. Below are some of what we think everyone should know and do:

1.) Dress comfortably:


Yes, dress fashionably but make sure you are dressed comfortably as well. Think sneakers instead of those hurtful leather shoes. How about refining your self to show your style instead of putting up layers of clothes that doesn’t translate you.

2.) Photo Ready:


Such events are going to be buzzling with cameras and photographers, so even when you didn’t really dressed to be notice just be photo-ready just incase. (P.s. stay clear of other people being photographed already.

3.) Take Photos Face Level:


When taking photos using your phones camera please be aware there are people behind you and wants to see the show through their eyes not through your phone.

4.) Never Cross Your Legs when sitting Front Row:


You risk tripping some models and being yelled at by Photographers.

5.) Enjoy The Show:

Models present creations by Hermes during the men’s Fall/Winter 2015 ready-to-wear collection fashion show in Paris on January 24, 2015. AFP PHOTO / PATRICK KOVARIK

Take a couple of solid shots but never take the entire show to be posted on social media.


Photo/s By: Sourced from Google

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