Model Spotlight: Christopher Walters

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Models are always up and about but sometimes there are some who truly deserve a shoutout. For our model spotlight, we are featuring a model who has patiently been waiting for his time to shine. He will surely make you dream of him and definitely make you melt with the way he smize (Tyra Banks LOL!) his name is Christopher Walters also known as @Chris.tyler on instagram, read below for the full interview:

Jake: How did you get started with modeling and how long have you been in the industry?

Chris: Ahh my favourite question first. Well like many other models I am sure, I originally got scouted at a lounge in Toronto one night. This night changed my life, from this moment on it has always been in the back of my head, to reach my goal of becoming a successful international published model.
I have been in the industry for about two years, but did not really get going until about a few months ago. Coming to an understanding with myself that many agencies I came across were looking for younger smaller/leaner talent, most would have gave up, but I just kept pushing, training, networking, and trying to get a better understanding of the modelling industry locally. I am so grateful that I was able to step into the professional industry at this age and get signed by the Plutino Group. Thankfully, I thrive on competition.. I played semi professional sports growing up, so I was very fortunate for that!

Jake: Do you like being a model?

Chris: I absolutely cherish being a model, and am so fortunate for the opportunity of finally being able to pursue it. I love meeting and getting to know new people, which happens everyday in this industry. From make up artists to stylists to models to casting directors, etc. One thing about me, I always said as a kid and even early teenager that I wanted to model, it was a dream basically that I never felt was possible until about two years ago where I gained the courage and confidence to get involved.
I love fashion, and new seeing new trends.. I also love being a part of and working with a team on set or during a show. I love being in front of the camera, in fact I wish I had a close friend who was a photographer and was around me all the time to capture great shots.

Jake: What projects/photo-shoots are you most proud of?

Chris: I would say I am very pleased with my Look Book campaign with Mammoth outerwear, and also my most recent editorial feature in Adon Magazine from NYC which was shot by a great friend of mine Sam Tsang.

Jake: Models are usually fashion inspiration/icons, whatís your personal style like?

Chris: My personal favorite style is Sporty Chic, clean cut. When it comes to elevating my wardrobe for certain occasions and events, I typically like to dress in earth tones.

Jake: You have quite a desirable physique, and as a model what do you do to keep up with keeping your body photo-ready?

Chris: Haha, well thank you for that. I really do appreciate when people notice my hard work. I was not a super skinny kid growing up, always just average.. if you want to get technical, my body type is a mesomorph.

Jake: Do you follow a strict workout routine and diet? if so, what?

Chris: First and foremost, I am always conscious what I eat. I workout roughly 5 times a week, but each and every time I go into the gym I encourage myself to kill it and do something slightly more than the previous. I do cardio 4 of the 5 days which consists of a mix of cardio machines, sports, and high intensity interval training. The 5th day I do a light weight full body curcuit. I alternate my core every workout, one day abs, next day obliques and serratus, then abs, etc. I stay photoshoot ready because of my consistency in eating healthy and being active.

In terms of my diet I try to limit the bad carbs wherever I can, and eat lots of lean protein, veggies, and select fruits and drink lots of water

Jake: What is your favourite workout and what part of your body do you like working on more?

Chris: I enjoy working out my entire body and constantly trying new and challenging workouts. I would say my most desired workouts are high intensity intervals, and working on my core. I also like functional workouts and workouts that require multiple muscles and with added factors like stability.

Jake: Where do you see your modeling career in the future?

Chris: I see myself gaining a lot more experience here locally in Toronto, while consistently getting my face out there, but I also see myself going International within the next year. I love the industry here locally, but I would love nothing more than the opportunity to travel and gain new experiences around the world.

Jake: What advice can you give to other guys who wants to enter modelling?

Chris: Believe in yourself. Upmost importance. Have confidence, no matter what. Understand that it is very competitive industry, so be ready, Leave your ego at the door, and get in front of the camera with different photographers as much as you can and listen to feedback and constructive criticism. Get ahead, make sure your body is on point, as I said it’s very competitive.. Oh yeah build your portfolio book, once potential is seen.

Jake: Is Mr. Chris single, taken or just waiting?

Chris: I am currently single, just patiently waiting for the right one

Now, with that dedication Chris is definitely going to reach his goals sooner watch out!!!!



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