5 Sneakers You Should Have

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With the rise of the Yeezy’s and the entire movement of casual athletic wear becoming the trend, sneakers has been taking a space in the closet more than part of a workout outfit but also part the ever changing streetstyle game. Now, not all of us have the money to spend on thousand dollar sneakers from the luxury brands, so here are 5 sneakers you should have that won’t break the bank.


Nike Roshe : Need something comfortable? Well, look no further, Nike Roshe is one of the most comfortable shoes you can ever buy for as low as $120. It also does look similar to the Yeezy’s but is way cheaper. This shoe can be worn with jeans and a shirt to look like as if you’ve thought about what to wear even though your just going to the grocery store. (I suggest maybe ripped jeans and a white T-shirt.)


Adidas ZX Flux: Now, this shoe gives you that Roshe feel but is more structured than the first shoes featured. You could use it for running as well but this would work for those days you just want to be in your joggers. Maybe pair this shoe with some Zanerobe pants and a simple graphic shirt.

New Balance

New Balance 574: This shoe is one of the easiest shoes to style with, geezer wise (Suit and tie with a bit of streetstyle influence.)


Converse: Converse hasn’t been known to be used for running but let’s be honest, Converse has always been part of the streetstyle movement.


Asics Gel Lyte III: need I say more? cuffed jeans plus a small sleeves polo shirt.

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