Mens Guide To A Wallet

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It is definitely the time where everything a man wears and brings with him becomes a statement. From the jacket on his back to the shoes on his hooves, everything should be complimenting each other to be called well dressed. There used to be a time where a bulky leather wallet was definitely the it game. The wallet was used to keep credit cards, debits cards, calling cards, point cards and any other card you might think of. But now, that’s not the case; if a woman’s bag resembles her life, a mans wallet does too. Men who tend to be minimal will bring only the actual necessities; and in a generation where bringing cash seems to be rare, that just means bring a smaller wallet.

However, we do understand that not everyone has that sense of style and that some would prefer a bi-fold wallet than that of a wallet holder. So, to keep up with the need of stylish wallets, let just say here is a guide for having the right wallet for you.

1.) Leather


A wallet is for keeping your money and other financial needs in one place while you’re out and about. However, a gentleman knows that a plastic or fabric wallet doesn’t scream sexy. A good leather wallet makes you a man, and is just way better looking and compliments every outfit.

2.) Keep It Simple


You don’t need extra card holders, a coin pocket or any other extra pockets. Get a wallet that will carry what you need and only what you need, a cash pocket, a a couple of card slots are just what you need. The more space in your pocket the more you’ll be tempted to fill it up with nonsense.

3.) Playful


Yes, you can keep it simple but also, keep it playful, add a pop of colour on to it to spice up. Remember your wallet is part of your outfit. It is an accessory!

4.) Investment


Men, if you think of investments all day long, then don’t be afraid to invest on a good wallet. A little spending can last you a long time; as it is always best to have one really good wallet than millions that tears up all the time.

Enjoy Wallet shopping!!!!

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