Club Monaco x Gitman Bros. Collaboration

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Club Monaco has partnered with one of the last remaining shirt-makers in the United States, to bring a curated collection of shirting inspired by heritage and craftsmanship to Club Monaco shops this spring.

The Gitman Bros. a shirt company that started in 1932 by Max Gitman and his two sons, has been making shirts for over 80 years in the same small town of Ashland, Pennsylvania where it all began. Staying true to their roots in craftsmanship, Gitman Bros. continues to make their shirting nearly entirely by hand – from shaping the collar to sewing the brand’s distinctive double row of stitching at the side seam – with many of their shirt makers being third or fourth generation. Each garment made tells its own story, seamlessly blending the past and present.

Today, Gitman Bros. is helmed by Chris Olberding who relies heavily on both Gitman’s rich history as well as New York City – where he calls home – for design inspiration. Olberding has perfected the blending of old and new, incorporating the vast history of Gitman Bros. with the new and modern New York. The Gitman Bros. collection at Club Monaco will also nod to these vintage fabrics, with the shirting created from vintage inspired fabrics.

The Gitman Bros. collection at Club Monaco will feature nine distinct shirting styles, as well as a suit and will retail for $180 CD – $495 CAD or  $137 US- $377 USD.

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