Toronto Fashion Week: Rudsak F/W 2016

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Rudsak closed day 4 of Toronto Fashion Week with a bang. Not only did they had an awesome production (Survivor theme) but they did represent the beauty of outerwear and how to be cool.

The collection has the theme os Savage Spirit with the models pounding down the Toronto Fashion Week runway against a dramatic backdrop of projected stone fortress ruins to the thumping soundtrack of live drummers. As the models strut down the runway you would notice that the collection boasts accent-dyed fur to edgy eyelets that amplified the season’s line of outerwear and apparel. Varied permutations of lush shearling featured prominently, integrated into everything from outerwear to rider boots to men’s high-top sneakers.

The collection also upholds RUDSAK’s heritage of creating distinctive winter wear in a mix of luxe leathers and rich furs, evoking an animal magnetism and raw primitive beauty. Natural shades including sylvan greens, earthy browns, burnt umber and smoked greys dominated the palette, acting as a rich neutral backdrop for vivid bursts of stained crimson and vibrant chartreuse.

Overall, a beautiful and luxurious collection.


Photo/s By: George Pimentel


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