Toronto Mens Fashion Week Day 3

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XIAN: If you want a cool outfit, or just want to upgrade your normal style then XIAN is your go to. With leather jackets, structured bomber jackets and coats you are assured to not only be warm but also head turning. Black was the dominant colour for the collection with hints of metallic silver. The collection also boasts asymmetrical lines and cuts, paired with the blend of fabrics that gives that rocker look. The pants featured a little bit of slim fit but also boasts pockets. (some had pockets to the ankles) It’s a collection perfect for street style.


3.PARADIS: Black, orange, blue dominated 3.Paradis’ collection. Elongated shirts and tapered joggers added that sporty charm. Coats lined with fur (possibly faux) also did make an appearance, while bomber jackets took over the stage. The touch of true Canadian style is seen with the plaid shirts.


CAFFEREY VANHORNE: Dapper men walked down the runway for Caffrey Vanhorne. The collection boasts ponchos, colours and texture. Appearance of slim fit joggers stuck to the sporty look; but the tailored suits are definitely the star of the show. A transitional collection from office to date night, also, it pushes the boundary of how colourful a man would want to be.


KENNETH BARLIS: Shapes, prints, texture, embroidery and colour filled this collections. A playful take on menswear and the normal one colour suit scheme mostly seen. There’s a feel of L.A. to Europe vibe with that feather cape to add a little shock value.


JUST TA: Quite avant-garde with a collection that boasts see-through fabrics, prints, texture and asymmetrical shapes. There’s a little touch of feminine engraved on the collection that is dominantly black with hints of blue and white.


CHRISTOPHER BATES: Milan based Canadian designer Christopher Bates is a staple to the Toronto Fashion scene. This season, he brought a collection that stays true to his clean aesthetic but also will make everyone want to look or their partners dress like the models. Luxury was brought to the runway with coats that features fur, cashmere sweaters, and colours. Camel coats made its way to the runway that has asymmetrical zip line, while some coats boasted colour blocking. Tailored look also was in style, from the suits to the dress shirts, and pants. It’s a collection that fits the ever changing menswear world.

Photo/s by: Shayne Gray

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